Katerina KourteliMy studies began in the Department of Interior Architecture, Decorative Arts & Design, where I got my BA degree in 2002. After a year I continued my studies in Great Britain, where I got my MA Fine Arts degree from Coventry University. During my postgraduate studies at the university, my interest was focused on the techniques of etching & printmaking. Coming back to Greece, I decided to expand my methodology, attending a three-year iconography course from the teacher G.Kordis in the private school "Iconourghia" My studies in different materials & techniques have influenced my work. I often paint dreamlike flowing & uplifting floral paintings inspired by nature's vibrant array of colours. My work composes of layering watercolour techniques with bright acrylic hues & metallic details using also pens & pencils. I am currently working with themes based on female body which portray emotions of strength, courage & feminine beauty. I also get inspired by my Greek heritage. As a lover of textiles, I admire the elegant, decorated costumes that Greeks used to wear a century ago. I was always interested in doing crafts. My latest work includes wooden decorative objects which I draw abstract forms, coloured stripes or even a specific idea that comes from e.g. a fairy tale. I am inspired by artists such as Monet, Klimt, Arthur Rackham, Chiba Masasuke. My very first exhibition was in Great Britain, Coventry. Since then I have exhibited in various galleries in Athens.

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